It Really Comes Down to Communication in Construction

It Really Comes Down to Communication in Construction

When writing this article we were going to write a list of the most important things in a renovation or remodeling project. After being comfortable with the contractor we concluded that numbers 1, 2, and 3 is communication. So, why not write just about that?

There are many stakeholders involved in the building process through various phases. Typically those in the construction business are seen as the hard-nosed, people of action. However, there are more intuitive activities that are key components that helps achieve the type of construction projects for which we are known: Consultation and Communication. These disciplines are include how one helps clients, often highly skilled, achieve those construction and engineering goals.

Communication strategies are based on a complete understanding of the ways that humans work together in joint undertakings, social dynamics, plus the ways in which people accept and understand words and pictures. These disciplines have become a basic fundamental of our business activities from management and organizational strategy to marketing and customer relations.

There is a huge, pivotal need for communications to be understood by all invested in the project and intelligently applied. Since the construction industry is almost entirely based on sub-contracting, the greatest need is for the client to become a more confident and better informed stakeholder, and contractor seek to provide high level management guidance to build trust, reputation, and client satisfaction.

It is paramount to Timber & Stone Renovations to address early in the life of a project to ensure we are all “working from the same page”.

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