7 Ways to Transform Your Attic Into a Livable Space

7 Ways to Transform Your Attic Into a Livable Space

If you’re looking for additional living space within your home, don’t forget about your attic. Transforming your attic into a bedroom or other functional space isn’t as difficult as you may think — even if it’s unfinished. Here are a few tips to help you turn your attic into an upstairs oasis and add value to your home.

  1. Add Flooring

If your attic isn’t finished, tackle the support beams, insulating material, and subflooring first. Next, add inexpensive linoleum or all-purpose carpet for a finishing touch. Additional area rugs are great for a splash of color and warmth during chilly weather.

  1. Install Electrical Outlets and/or Windows

No matter your intended use, your attic will need sufficient lighting. Ask a contractor about window and outlet installation. If you live in an especially sunny city, adding windows will go a long way in livening up the space. Even If your attic already has windows or skylights, electricity is necessary, especially if you turn your attic into a bedroom.

  1. Install Built-in Shelving

In order to maximize space and the usefulness of shelving and bookcases, consider having them built into walls whenever possible. Not only will this help if you plan to transform your attic into a bedroom, but it will help with the organization in any room you create.

  1. Optimize Sloped Walls

Optimize smaller, hard-to-reach spaces with short bookshelves or storage cabinets. Smart storage will offer functionality without impeding valuable seating or workspace. Alternatively, narrow shelves with bookcases underneath will offer storage without blocking open areas of the attic.

  1. Choose Light Colors

In order to infuse a sense of spaciousness into your attic, integrate light colors. White is a common choice, but any lighter shade will help the room look bright, fresh, and open. You can also paint the ceilings the same light color as the walls to open up the area and accentuate the height of the room.

  1. Install Hooks or Clothing Rods

Hooks and clothing rods are ideal for attics because of their space-saving design. After you finish your walls, install these hanging devices to keep coats and other clothing organized.

  1. Be Creative with the Layout

Because of the slanted ceilings in most attics, you will likely need to be creative with your furniture placement. If you will be using your attic as a bedroom, consider placing the headboard in one of the lowest parts of the room, since you won’t need much overhead space while you’re in bed. The center of the room is great for a table and set of chairs, or a seating area with a couch.

Turning your attic into a living space can be a great way to make the most of your square footage and unlock value in your home. Remember, you may need professional help for this transformation. So before you remodel your attic into a bedroom or anything that alters the existing layout, you might want to arrange for a professional consultation with a contractor.


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